Manage all your inventory of fixtures remotely!

Objectively, accurately, and automatically assess the state of all your assets using a unique A.I algorithm for an unprecedented reliability, productivity and profitability.

Unique and innovating A.I data processing Algorithm

  • more objectivity and impartiality
  • more reliability
  • More detailed reports
  • Reduction of disputes.


  • Deepqual automates the drafting of your I.Fs
  • No operator required
  • Simple and intuitive ergonomics
  • Automatic comparison and cost prediction of repairs.
  • Automatic update and follow up of all client data base.


  • Customisation of the application and reports
  • remote access from anywhere in the world
  • Simplicity and readability
  • Option to calculate rental deductions


  • Deepqual takes care of time-consuming tasks for you.
  • Quick and easy inventory of fixtures.
  • Automatic input/output comparison
  • Reports sent automatically
  • Safe storage of legal and financial documents